• Lucky Irish Woman Gets £100,000 Christmas Surprise

    06 January 2016

    Scratch off

    Lots of people from all over the world go shopping in the weeks and months leading up to the end of December for a variety of holidays and occasions. One lucky woman by the name of Stephanie Harkin decided to pick up a scratch card while she was out shopping for a school festival, and this Northern Irish 28-year-old picked up a big £100,000 payout for a surprise Christmas present.

    Popularity of Scratch Cards

    As far as land-based games go on a global scale, scratch cards are one of the most popular in terms of the number of games played each year. They're easy to play, cheap and don't take up much time. Many people buy them daily with their morning coffee or breakfast for a little extra action, and Stephanie did the same sort of thing while she was out shopping for presents. This is a great time for a win since she picked up a six-figure prize just before the holidays.

    Stephanie's Plans

    She was so excited when she found out she'd won that she couldn't stop shaking. Stephanie even had a hard time remembering the pin number to her cell phone so that she could tell her husband, a self-employed mechanic, that she had won. Her plans for the winnings include taking a trip to Disneyland in Paris and taking a vacation to Benidorm. Overall, this is a great time for a win, and it's a Christmas present that she definitely didn't see coming.

    Big Winners in 2015

    The online and land-based gambling industries both saw some big winners in 2015. For example, Microgaming's Mega Moolah online slot broke the world record for the largest online win earlier this year, a title that had been held for years by Net Entertainment's Mega Fortune. Lots of land-based wins happened as well, and it's easy to think of 2015 as the year of the big winner. With new technologies like VR casinos and major advances in the mobile space coming in 2016, we're certain that we'll see even more major winners in the new year. No matter what kind of games you play, you could end up being a big winner in 2016, and all of the success stories we've seen in 2015 prove that anything is possible.