• Let the Leading Candidates Know!!

    02 February 2008


    The leading candidates Democrats: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Republicans: Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. At the bottom on this you will find a link to read more about how these candidates stand on the UIGEA, The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. I know you can not make an educated informative judgment, solely on their standing on the UIGEA Act. There were many issues involved in the last minute passage of this through the Congress, and some of these candidates were not in Congress when it was passed.

    There is very little specific information on most of the candidates on this issue. Could it be they do not want to make many points till after the election???? I encourage you to contact the campaigns of the candidates, that you are thinking of voting for and ask their opinions or positions on this bill.
    Please let them know you have not made up your mind as to who you are going to vote for, but that you are a PROUD poker player. Let hem know how strong the grass roots are behind the great game of poker. Not ONLY poker, but also all the other online games you LOVE to play. It is our Right to do what we want in our own homes, with our own money! Now is the time to let the presidential primary candidates know that POKER, as well as other games is NOT A CRIME!!

    Stand up now and be heard before the election! Fight for our rights as US Citizens! After all this is Posed to be America THE Land of the FREE!!

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