LCB Releases In-Depth Article About Advantages of Playing Online Blackjack


Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) recently published an in-depth, nearly 10,000-word treatise dealing with the advantages of playing blackjack online over playing in a terrestrial casino. The article is destined to become bookmarked on many serious online blackjack players' web browsers because it not only draws on the work already done by Michael Shackleford, The Wizard of Odds, it also breaks down the value of blackjack bonuses at 10 popular online casinos.

Advantage Play Easter Eggs

Online players who mix up their blackjack with slots and other casino games will be thrilled to find advantage play Easter Eggs hidden inside some of the analyses. The author, Brandon James, throws in the occasional, "There is a way to beat the bonus, but it has nothing to do with Blackjack and will not be discussed here. If you’re interested, look here," or something similar in several places throughout the article.

Different Strategies On-Land and Online

In his opening comments, James talks about some of the similarities and differences in playing blackjack on-land and online. He points out that if all land-based players were to execute perfect strategy the rules offered on-land would be even worse than they are today, compared to the past.

He talks about the high minimum bets required at most land casinos when finding a table with decent rules like 3:2 Naturals as opposed to the 6:5 payout for Blackjack that is popping up more and more.

Where strategies for finding the best game on-land or online collide is in finding the right game rules. In the article, the author references the tools players need in order to determine the precise house edge under any given rules, as well as resources to devise optimal strategies.

Article Provides Deep Analysis

The article provides a deep analysis of strategy and expectations for several of the listed properties including Superior Casino and iNetBet. Where taking a bonus has very little or no positive expectation,  the review is briefer and saves readers precious time.

The article presents summary charts and data notes before going into conclusions, some of which might surprise you.

You can find Advantages to Playing Online Blackjack here.


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