• New Jersey Amps Up License Approvals

    07 November 2013


    With a set online gambling launch date of November 26th, New Jersey gaming regulators gave preliminary approval to 54 companies that have their sites set on serving the online gambling industry in a supportive roles. They have much fancier titles on their applications, Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprises (CSIE) and Internet Gaming Related Vendor Registrants.

    Gaining regulatory approval is an important step, especially for the Ancillary CSIE’s as they have direct contact with players and provide services like player verification (primarily identity and age) and geolocation (to make sure players are playing from within NJ state lines).

    The Internet Gaming Related Vendors are in large part payment processors like WorldPay and Optimal. These companies will rely on the Ancillary CSIE’s to do their job in verifying identities and player proximity as the sole purpose of payment processors is to make sure money gets where it is supposed to in a correctly documented fashion.

    Prior to the November 26th launch, there will be an invite-only “soft” opening beginning on November 21st to make sure all systems work properly and to ensure a confident launch. Once the final testing is complete, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement will list the online gaming websites that are officially approved. Currently there are five companies listed with approved online gambling permits.

    More approvals are expected from the Division of Gaming Enforcement on Friday, November 8th (coincidentally the date of Delaware’s official online gambling launch).

    The pot is being stirred on NJ.com, starting with an opinion column wondering what real impact online gambling will have on New Jersey. (Spoiler alert, the author is not a fan. The comments below the article, though, are worth a read).

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