• IRS Notice to PayPal

    26 July 2008


    What next? First Neteller now PayPal. What do we expect form the US Government? They are taking more and more of our rights to privacy away. And they will continue to do so, till the American people stand up and fight!!!

    This is an email PayPal are sending out to their customers:

    Dear ()

    PayPal has received a summons from the United States Internal Revenue Service requiring us to produce various records, including data related to your PayPal account. PayPal understands the summons relates to the IRS’ offshore compliance program in which the IRS has sought information about offshore credit card accounts from a number of companies.

    Your Privacy is extremely important to PayPal. PayPal is obligated, however, to turn over the requested data. PayPal has been ordered by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California to provide the information to the IRS, and PayPal expects to begin providing this information to the IRS on January 10, 2008. The United States District Court in an action is entitled: In the Matters of the Tax Liabilities of John does, Case No. CV-05-04176-JW.

    If you have any concerns about the disclosure of this information, you should consult with your tax or legal advisor. You may have rights in connection with the summons, including the right to seek to prevent the IRS from obtaining some or all of the information. The statute of limitations that limits the time in which the IRS may assert tax liabilities against you may be suspended beginning on the date which s six months after the IRS served the summons upon PayPal and continuing until PayPal finally resolves its response to the IRS. See 26 U.S.C.

    PayPal cannot provide you with legal advice. If you have questions concerning the summons and court order, we encourage you to contact the IRS, your tax advisor and or your attorney.

    If you wish to contact the Internal Revenue Service regarding this matter, they can be reached at (215) 516-4777.

    Thank You,
    The PayPal Legal Team

    You can read all this and more about it:


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