• Internet Gambling Talks between President Bush and Antigua’s Prime Minister

    22 June 2007


    We can only hope that the talks between the US President and Antigua’s Prime Minister will only come out peacefully in the end, where the ban on US online gambling may eventually be lifted.

    During the meeting between Caricom leaders and President Bush, the Antigua & Barbuda Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer raised a question about the country’s Internet gambling dispute with the US with his desire to settle this matter.

    Because of the US non-compliance with the WTO ruling, it was pointed out today to President Bush that Antigua & Barbuda will make application to the Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization for certain remedies. PM Spencer was pleased with President Bush’s response that he pledged to look into the matter in an effort to reach a resolution.

    To date the discussions held between Antigua & Barbuda and the United States have not resulted in any agreement, but Antigua & Barbuda still remain hopeful for positive results in a resolution of the issue.

    The EU, Japan, India, Costa Rica and other nations are also filing complaints for compensation today.

    More nations are following suit for compensations because of a foolish ban on US online gambling. Let us hope that the US people will soon be able to go back to a peaceful relaxing night of online gambling.

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