• Internet Gambling Proponents Gear Up For Battle

    08 February 2010


    Fueled by millions of dollars from overseas gambling companies, and encouraged by the Obama administration’s delay in the enforcement of UIGEA, poker lobbyists are gearing up to for an all out fight to legalize internet gambling in the United States this year.

    Spearheaded by Rep. Barney Frank (D – Mass), Democrats in congress are pushing to pass legislation which would legalize and regulate many online betting games, such as poker, blackjack, majongg and others.

    The popularity of table gaming has exploded in recent years in the U.S. This is evidenced by the growth of land based casinos, big and small, in an ever growing number of states. The U.S. accounts for over half of the $16 billion worldwide internet gambling market.

    Proponents point out that fact and the millions, if not billions of dollars the government would realize in taxes and fees from legalized and regulated gambling.

    Opponents say that legalized internet gambling would increase criminal activity, dramatically increase the incidences of gambling addiction and would be a great threat to children. Senators have placed holds on six Treasury Dept. nominees to protest the delay in enforcement of UIGEA, the anti-gambling law.

    Read the full story from The Washington Post.

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