• Habanero Systems Signs Distribution Agreement With Bede Gaming

    06 November 2018

    Habanero systems signs distribution agreement with bede gaming

    Content distribution deals are a big part of the way that the current state of the online casino industry is structured. A newer deal has seen Bede Gaming take on Habanero Systems as a content partner for their PLAY platform. That means that all of Habanero's titles will be available on the Bede platform from here moving forward.

    What the PLAY Platform Offers

    This is a great opportunity for Habanero to get their titles in front of a whole lot of new players because the PLAY platform is very serious about offering tons of the top titles available in the industry as a whole. They have over 2,000 different games that range the whole gamut from live dealer games to slots and more. It's clearly a high-level platform, and it's a win-win situation for both of these companies in terms of how it will affect them.

    What to Expect From This Deal

    If you play at an online casino that uses the PLAY platform, what you can expect from this deal is that you'll have the same great experience with more top-level games. The titles from Habanero are definitely top-notch, and their portfolio includes some of the best-looking titles that the industry has to offer. They're also known for bringing a great level of gameplay with a variety of feature sets and creative use of different types of themes.

    It goes without saying that their offering will add something solid to any site out there, and that's pretty much what you can expect if they're being added to the casino that you call home.

    About Bede Gaming

    Bede Gaming has been in operation for years and serves primarily as a sort of content aggregator through their PLAY platform. This platform allows for lots of different software companies to have their titles put together in one cohesive platform that's based on HTML5. This is the "gold standard" for online casino sites in the modern era of the industry, and they're right on the cutting edge of what's available with a tremendous mobile platform that's also available.


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