• Habanero Releases Exciting New Jackpot System

    03 March 2019

    Habanero releases exciting new jackpot system

    Habanero has announced the release of an exciting and fresh jackpot system called Jackpot Race. This patent-pending feature allows players to compete amongst themselves for a chance at a variety of cash prizes.

    What Jackpot Race Brings to the Table

    Jackpot Race is unlike other progressive or traditional jackpot schemes that players are used to seeing. Instead of one person randomly triggering a massive payout, Jackpot Race allows operators to build excitement and anticipation around the competition because multiple players can come away with a share of the prize money.

    Habanero's Head of Corporate Communications Toni Karapetrov explains that they "call it the Jackpot Race because it is both competitive by design, and because many players can win simultaneously on a split share of the pay-out."

    One of the most notable features of the patent-pending Jackpot Race is that it allows operators to customize the parameters to suit their individual needs. Rather than having the competition tied to a specific slot or singular jackpot, operators have the freedom to adjust the race to ensure that it is optimized for their target demographic.

    Jackpot Race is designed so that operators can choose things like the number of slots to include, how to allocate the prize money, how long the jackpot accumulation period is and what the minimum qualifying bet size should be. There is no limit to how many slots can be included, and the jackpot accumulation period can be adjusted so that the prize pool is large enough to be enticing.

    Karapetrov also noted that Jackpot Race "includes assistance with customized promotional content, as well as all the built-in feedback and dialogues within the game which will serve to keep excitement high."

    About Habanero

    Habanero Systems has been creating quality gaming content for both online and land-based casinos since 2010. The company hosts its games on an in-house platform that provides a seamless and straightforward experience for players and providers alike. Habanero's games are created to run flawlessly on a wide array of devices and operating systems in order to maximize their global reach.

    The company provides end-to-end casino management systems that are available in multiple languages and currencies, and they proudly provide support in both English and Chinese. Habanero keeps its pricing competitive without sacrificing the quality of the user experience, and they are consistently rolling out new games and fresh content.


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