• Gambling.com For Sale

    04 January 2011


    If you wanted to build a web site, there are some options out there for you. You could get a site from one of the popular blog sites for free and be up and running in no time or maybe you want something more in tune to what you are doing and go out and get an $8 domain and build a site. For those that are really dedicated, you can go to a popular domain auction and try and get the exact domain you want, but that may cost.

    How much, depends on the buyer. Last November sex.com sold for $13 million. Now for someone who has deep pockets and likes to gamble, Media Corp., a British casino group is giving you a great opportunity by putting gambling.com up for auction. It has picked Sedo Holding AG to find a buyer for the domain and has set the reserve price at $9 million.

    Hugo Dalrymple-Smith who is handling the sale of this .com said,

    “This is the premium generic domain in a very competitive market. Gaming is one of the leading online businesses, and gambling.com offers the chance for one company to stand out above others.”

    Media Corp. bought the domain in the summer of 2005 for $19.8 million. The following year they earned $5.5 million just from the advertising on the site. They hope the domain will sell for over $10 million and claim the drop in value came when the U.S. passed the UIGEA in 2006 in an attempt to ban U.S. online gambling.

    Thought the reserve price was a little higher than most expected, there is rumor that Playtech Ltd. and bet365 are interesting in purchasing the domain. The gambling.com site currently gets over 300,000 hits a month.