Fortune Factory Studios Introduced as Microgaming Provider


Microgaming has been on quite a roll in 2018 when it comes to signing exclusive content deals with a variety of providers. They have signed a new one in Fortune Factory Studios, and their newest slot is Romanov Riches, which has seen its release today on October 24, 2018. This is an exciting time for players, and it indicates good things to come for both of these companies as well.

About This New Deal

This deal that Microgaming has made with Fortune Factory Studios is much like the similar deals they've made recently in that this company will be providing Microgaming with exclusive games that will not be available anywhere else. This is a smart strategic move that will allow them to continue to build up the Quickfire platform, but it will do it in a way that's different than what they have done before because so much of the content will be exclusive to their platform.

What to Expect From Romanov Riches

What Romanov Riches represents is a first-time foray into the online slots space for this company. They have a combination of people from different backgrounds like video games, land-based gambling and so on, and the idea is that this will help them to develop titles that are different and more immersive than what's available out there so far. The video slots industry online is definitely needing innovation of this kind, and we're excited to see what they're able to put together.

Microgaming Wrapping Up 2018

A lot of people were sleeping on Microgaming this year because it looked like other companies were starting to pull ahead of them. They've had people doubt them before in this way, and every single time they're able to figure out a way to keep their position as one of the top providers in the casino software space.

The work they have been doing to build up the game selection of their Quickfire platform has both short-term and long-term benefits in an industry that seems to focus more on the short-term. That gives them a strategic advantage since they'll have more exclusive content going forward, and once this really starts to build up, they'll have a definite edge over the competition.


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By Jesse Eddleman