• Facebook Betting is Investigated by Feds

    21 March 2008


    Here we go again in the continuing saga, by Feds. They are now turning to websites like Facebooking for possible online betting violations. They seem to be looking for anything, anywhere.

    This time the march Madness office pools on social networks caught their attention! An FBI spokesman stated “There could be a violation if there is a payout and if the operators take a cut!” Geezzz what is next??

    Facebook stated: “It does not condone the use of the site for any unlawful purposes, and that user’s must agree as part of the terms of use of not to conduct illegal activities.”

    Earlier this year CBSSports made is easier for Facebook users to become involved in betting pools for the NCAA division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

    In February CBSSports unveiled an application that allows Facebook users to fill out brackets for the tournament and compare their picks with their friends on the site.

    Leslie Anne Wade of CBS stated.” Promoting online gambling was not our intent with the application, and that these are issues that are going to require new thought processes and new answers, and that CBS will look into it.”

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