Exhilarating Deal Between Gaming Corps and Rhino Entertainment


In an electrifying revelation, Gaming Corps, the swiftly ascending titan of the Swedish game development arena, and Rhino Entertainment Group, a versatile gaming operator, have ceremoniously declared a mutual pact, melding strategic forces to augment the digital gaming cosmos.

Rhino has sculpted a towering presence in the gaming world, not just as an operator, but as a connoisseur offering a rich, diversified platter of over 5,000 gaming titles. From the pulsating energy of premium slots and the unpredictability of jackpot games to the palpable tension of live casino engagements, they've encapsulated the essence of a consummate gaming journey within their portfolio.

Unfurling a Universe of Captivating Gaming Brands

The exciting accord envelopes renowned Rhino Entertainment brands like Casino Days, Lucky Spins, Buusti Kasino, Big Baazi, and Big Boost. Each brand has become a unique entity, synonymous with thrilling gaming adventures and colossal winning possibilities that keep players perpetually enthralled.

Introducing Gaming Corps’ dynamic and enthralling games portfolio into this amalgamation is like interweaving a ribbon of fresh, innovative creativity into a tapestry that was already vibrant. Gaming Corps flaunts a pulsating array of premium games, such as Crash, Table, Mine, and Slot, as well as the certified hit, Plinko.

Fusion of Classic and Modern Gaming Narratives

The synergy between the partners isn’t just a blending of games but a convergence of narratives. Games like the tempestuous Raging Zeus Mines, the lively Wild Woof, and the strategic Plinkgoal, weave seamlessly into the classic series Jet Lucky and Coin Miner, crafting a storyline that traverses the epochs of gaming history.

This coalition not only enhances the digital landscape with a richer, more varied selection of games but also propels both companies into a realm of possibilities. Both entities, with their shared commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences, are poised to navigate through an ocean of boundless potentialities, exploring unseen territories in the digital gaming world.

Danielle Calafato, Gaming Corps’ Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Rhino Entertainment Group aims to provide the right casino games to suit every player across all demographics, and that perfectly ties in with our ambitions as a games developer.”

Ross Parkhill, Rhino Entertainment Group CEO, added: “It is a pleasure to add Gaming Corps’ plethora of successful games to our offering. I’m sure our players will relish making the most of this content as we continue to strengthen our growing selection of games.”

Source: “Gaming Corps’ full games suite to boost five Rhino Entertainment brands”. European Gaming. October 5, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic