Evolution Gaming Launches Infinite Blackjack


Infinite Blackjack is an innovative and unique new offering from the industry-leading live dealer software company Evolution Gaming. The title offers a scalable live blackjack setting that allows for an unlimited number of online players to sit at the same table. Traditionally, blackjack tables will only seat seven players at a time, and most live casino offerings adhere to this rule as well.

The Exciting Innovation of Infinite Blackjack

While most people may think that there is little room for continued growth and innovation when it comes to traditional table games, Evolution Gaming recognized that this is not the case. Rather than simply sticking with the status quo, Evolution realized that there was an opportunity to offer players an even better live dealer experience.

Infinite Blackjack allows online players to take their seats at the table, and each person is initially dealt the same hand of two cards. This allows for an essentially limitless amount of scalability. Once the initial hand is dealt, each player is free to make his or her own betting decisions, which is what gives the game its variability.

When asked about the mechanics of this new game, Evolution Gaming's Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter said:

"With Infinite Blackjack we finally cracked the code on how to make a one-to-many Blackjack game fun and without having to make any rule changes. We did this using advanced game software that combines the live dealing of physical cards and virtual cards directly to each individual player. This enables the dealing of individual hands for each player at the table, irrespective of how many players there are at any given time."

This feature also allows for a more fun and interactive experience for players because they will have more opportunities to socialize with others while enjoying their game. The novelty of sitting at a blackjack table with so many others is sure to attract many newcomers to the game.

About Evolution Gaming

The firm of Evolution Gaming has been wholly focused on developing the ultimate live dealer experience for players since its inception in 2006. They have offices in England, Latvia, Italy and Malta, and they have two separate studios in Latvia and Malta that are used to broadcast their live gaming feeds. In addition, they hold licenses in the United Kingdom, Alderney and Malta.

The company has received countless awards for its innovative and cutting-edge live dealer software. The software is able to perform flawlessly on mobile devices, and it can even withstand slower-than-average connection speeds without sacrificing much of the gaming experience.

The high-definition audio and video feeds allow for excellent dealer interactions, and the user interface makes socializing with other players a seamless and enjoyable experience similar to that of a brick-and-mortar casino. Add to this the fact that the dealers speak more than eight major languages, and it becomes obvious why Evolution Gaming is considered the best in the live dealer niche.


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By Jesse Eddleman