EU to US: Drop Gambling Ban

The European Union is definitely not dropping the ball when it comes to trying to get the USA to drop our stupid “ban”* on online gambling. Their main argument is that the 2006 ban, via the UIGEA, violates world trade agreeements.

The EU, as well as the WTO and many other organizations have been after the US to get the online gambling “ban”* dropped, but we all know full and well that Dubya spent more time at his ranch than in the Whitehouse, so he could have cared less if online gambling was regulated and legalized on the federal level…

It’s apparent that only Barney Frank and few other politicians actually have a clue and want the UIGEA repealed just as bad as us players do. We’re talking about billions of dollars being injected into the US economy, and that’s something we desperately need right now. The EU has stated that they will not file any legal action until they talk with Obama and his administration to try and get this resolved in a civil and amicable way for all parties involved.


*The only thing that is banned is financial transactions going to and from bank accounts in the USA to online casinos..Online poker is NOT covered, and many banks have already stated that they have neither the manpower nor the financial means to enforce the UIGEA, so transactions are going through as normal, depending on your bank and their policies. Also, some states such as New York and Washington have specific laws against gambling online, so please check your state laws before attempting to gamble online, so that you know it is in fact legal to do so.

Author: GamesAndCasino