Embark on a Juicy Jackpot Adventure with Big Max Pot Hunter


Indulge in a splendid gaming escapade, enriched with colorful visuals and succulent payouts with Swintt's fresh out of the oven release - the Big Max Pot Hunter! Navigating through a world where fruits are not just tantalizing treats but also bearers of unforeseen fortune, this addition to the lauded “Big Max” series sends players on a rollercoaster through vibrant reels and exhilarating bonus features.

Sublime Symphony of Classic and Modern Gaming Elements

At the very heart of this title, the spirit of classic slots pulses vividly, enticing gamers with its luscious fruits, the enigmatic BARs, and the ever-fortunate red sevens. A nod to the beloved retro aesthetics, its base game reels sing with traditional imagery, whilst the fiery win animations and nostalgic soundscapes cradle players in a cozy blanket of familiar casino vibes.

As players embark on this luscious journey, each appearance of the red or blue sticky pearl wilds becomes a saga in itself, encapsulated by three distinctive bars, which, upon each spin, gradually move to the pots flanking the reels, sustaining the pearl in its position until the bars vanish. Yet, another pearl’s emergence during this thrilling sequence resets the bar count, prolonging its stay and augmenting the excitement.

Pots of Potential Awaiting Discovery

Every bar transitioning to the color-coded chests adjacent to the reels isn’t mere spectacle but a potential key to unlocking the enthralling “pot” feature. Upon activation, explorers are whisked away to a new world, a 5x3 grid, where they are tasked with unveiling pearls, each hiding symbols of untold jackpots. The blue pot blesses with the chance to snag the Minor, Major, or Maxi jackpots, whereas the red brings forth the tantalizing 1,000x Mega Pot!

Persisting within this scintillating slot adventure is another tantalizing bonus round, reverently known as the “pearl” feature. A treasure cherished in multiple SwinttPremium titles, this bonus round propels players into a parallel reel universe, where pearls carry not just wealth but bonus re-spins! The adventure continues until spins are depleted or a heavenly 15 spaces are filled, ushering in the Mega Pot bonus and further accumulated winnings.

Brace yourself as Big Max Pot Hunter leads you through an exhilarating escapade of fruitful spins, jubilant jackpots, and pot-fuls of fun, beautifully harmonizing classic slot enjoyment with innovative features.

David Mann, Chief Executive Officer at Swintt, said: “While our SwinttPremium games are already incredibly popular with new and existing players alike, we’re constantly trying to refine this winning formula with each new release by adding ever-more engaging bonus rounds and bigger jackpot prizes.”

Source: “Swintt adds another pearl to its Premium collection with Big Max Pot Hunter”Swintt. October 4, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic