• eCogra Under New Management

    29 March 2011


    For those who may not know, eCogra is a company set up by 3 online gaming software companies to help players who gamble online and to also test software program’s used by online casino to ensure there integrity.

    Microgaming, 888 and Bwin are the three major owners of the eCogra and have always claimed fairness in their audits and approvals of all online gambling sites. They have always been a place to go to air a grievance and try to get help with issues involving the player and an online casino. There has always been a question, even if unspoken, about how un-bias eCogra was and still be run by 3 competing online software companies.

    Now that question will be a moot point as a management buyout has taken place and the new management team led by chief executive Andrew Beveridge. has vowed to never include a “not include software or other service providers or operators enabling it to be truly independent in the discharge of its audit, advisory, compliance and seal awarding activities.” This buyout has already taken place with all founding member approval.

    “The industry is maturing, and eCOGRA must be part of that evolving process,” Beveridge said this week. “The trend toward national or state regulatory regimes around the world is just one of the areas in which our professional services are increasingly in demand by companies and jurisdictions committed to ensuring that they are well prepared in all respects to meet the highest international standards.”

    Beveridge went on to say, “Going forward eCOGRA intends to become a major force in helping shape new gaming regulations, offering specialised advice and assistance to existing and emerging jurisdictions and be at the forefront of establishing industry standards”.

    The chairman will be Michael Hirst OBE and directorates that will include Bill Henbrey, Bill Galston OBE, Frank Catania and Andrew Beveridge. You can read more about these people at http://www.ecogra.org/.

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