• Double Standards of US Politicians In Action

    26 February 2007


    There’s been a lot of talk recently through radio, articles and blogs regarding the double standard being used by the United States, most apparent lately in the area of gambling. As online gambling enthusiasts, we’ve seen US politicians assume the role of parent and pass judgment and legislation against the sins of online gambling and punished us by restricting the use of our own money in our own homes. And like recalcitrant children, we’ve bowed our heads and headed to our rooms for ‘time-out’ to contemplate our actions so we can better understand that our government is doing this for our own good. The only thing missing was Bill Frist mouthing the words ‘this is going to hurt me more than it will you’.

    I was born in West Virginia so when something hits the wire from there I just sort of gravitate to the news. Associated Press ran a story about West Virginia politicians and their support of legislation to add table games to the 4 casinos currently operating there. The politicians believe accepting legislation to allow card games to the current slots only venue would give the state a much needed edge to keep their customers from spending their money in another state. No vote yet, but politicians have spoken in favor of the bill.

    A really interesting aspect of the article was the casino stats made available. Did you know that 37 states now have almost 900 land casinos operating today? With more being built?

    Another story to hit the wire concerns the state of California and 5 First Nation applications for casino licenses to be approved there by the state legislative body. No one seems to think there will be any problems.

    Are land based casino players not in need of moral guidance too? Apparently not when the government has a piece of the action. And there’s the problem in a nutshell for online gambling. The government isn’t controlling it and isn’t profiting from it. Those dollars you spend online could be spent in a land based casino. The double standard… alive and well and living in the USA.

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