• David Carruthers, BoS Ex-Boss, Asks UK For Help

    16 May 2007


    Just in from eGaming Review are reports that “David Carruthers, ex-chief executive of BetonSports, has sent a letter asking for individuals at the company’s former advisers to lobby the UK government, the EU and UK and European Members of Parliament on his behalf as part of his attempts to use the recent WTO decision as part of his defence. In the letter, Carruthers asks the recipients – including it is believed individuals at BetonSports’ brokers Evolution and auditors Baker Tilly – to write to Charlie McCreevy, European commissioner for internal market services at the European Commission, and Peter Mandelson, European commissioner for external trade, as well as UK and European Members of Parliament.”

    “The news of the letter emerged… after the US authorities in Utah unveiled further indictments against US-facing online gambling interests including those behind payment processing companies Gateway Technologies and CurrenC… same week as BetonSports plc is due to announce its formal insolvency arrangement.”

    “Carruthers accuses the US government of actions which have “destroyed businesses, free competition and lives”. The letter adds that “now more than ever it is important to get heard” and that it is “critical to communicate and ensure that (the) impact and importance of this WTO decision are not lost to silence and inaction”. Carruthers says the WTO decision has “extraordinary implications for my life” and adds that the issue “goes beyond my personal circumstances”.” “The US decision to arrest me not only shut down BetonSports, but the actions by the US government have destroyed nearly all the public online gaming companies in the UK. Based on what the WTO has now called a treaty violation, more than US$10bn in equity of UK-listed companies were wiped away. Three UK listed gaming companies have closed completely and other UK citizens have been arrested as well, victims of a policy that the WTO has now determined as unfair and violates their treaties.”

    Still held under house arrest in a St. Louis Hotel, Carruthers was taken into custody and arrested last July on charges of racketeering and wire fraud by the US authorities