• Covers and USA Today have Joined Forces

    28 June 2007


    All of the online sports gambling and betting that are run by large companies is sweeping the nation these days, of which we bet more companies are sure to follow, what happened to the common American’s rights to online gambling on any site in their own homes? This article should spark your interests.

    Sports-book ads in USA Today.com may shock many people with this statement posted on their website; “USA Today.com and Covers.com have joined forces to create the most comprehensive odds game match-ups site on the Web.” Much information can be found between the two, from weather updates, game predictions and ongoing games in the current sports updated every two minutes.

    Other articles have been published in the past where ESPN.com, which is owned by Disney, was running advertisements for online sports betting websites, but they were running on non-US portals.

    Sportsbook.com may have had a little help from USA Today.com’s advertisements on their USA website, where Sportsbook.com allows U.S. residents to bet on various sporting events. But, those ads may have come from Covers.com, where now they show up on the USA Today website.

    You can find the complete story on this article by going to OG Paper.

    We think it is time that the government takes a hint on this gambling issue, and soon. More companies run by US citizens are stepping up to show that this is a free nation in the gambling arena. The U.S. citizens have the free choice to place their hard-earned money where they want. If we were to place a large amount of money on the politician of our choice, and he were to lose at the elections, that would be a loss, or a gamble you might say.