• Congratulations to Casinomeister for 10 Years of Service

    05 June 2008


    We want to say WTGGGG!! Casinomeister for your dedication and caring service for us players for 10 years!!

    With 10 years under your belt, makes you a pioneer, in this business along with Intertops, Microgaming and Cryptologic. We all appreciate your solid reputation for giving us a wide range of information and helping with player problems. For listening to the players, and letting us know which sites are the Best and Worst in online gaming.

    A Californian, who is based in Germany and owner, Bryan Bailey stated: “Trust is what it is all about. Our mission at Casinomeister is to promote cyber-gaming as a safe and enjoyable form of entertainment. Since trust is spawned by information, the more a gamer knows about an online casino, the more at ease he will feel.”

    When he says that he means it! Casinomeister sends out a newsletter to both the player and the industry. Casinomeister’s Pitch a Bitch, is exactly what it says, and gives a place where we can summit a complaint about a casino or poker room and have them tracked quickly to the right people to venue the complaint and that has the power to resolve the complaint fairly.

    Information is the key for us players to make the right decision when we want to play online gaming! Casinomeister does this with efficiency and pizzazz!!

    Again congrats! Casinomeister for staying with us for 10 years! We Salute You!!

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