• Colorado Woman Thought She Won $42 Million

    31 March 2010


    The Fortune Valley Casino in Central City, CO is the place where dreams can come true and life can become a fairytale. At least that’s what Louis Chavez of Denver, CO, thought until she hit the lucky one on that slot machine she was playing. Suddenly all the bells and whistles started going off and she realized that she had hit the jackpot, literally, for $42,949,673.

    Chavez stated: “All of a sudden I saw the light come on on top of the machine…I’m like, ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God!’ I’d never had this feeling before in my life, never.” Then the unthinkable happened. The casino representatives told her that her slot machine had malfunctioned and that she would not be getting her winnings. But to be fair, the casino did give her the approximately $20 she had put into the machine, her meals and they comped her the room. Not a bad trade for $42 miilion.

    Chavez said: “I put my money in there… whatever I won, I should get… There are dreams and there are things I’d like to do — helping my family, helping my kids. That’s why I’m disappointed. I just don’t know.”  Chavez normally makes about $12,000 a year as an in home personal care provider.

    Joe Behm, Communications Director for Fortune Valley Casino, stated:  “We’ve been open for 15 years at Fortune Valley and this is the first time we’ve had something of this magnitude,”

    Colorado gaming officials are investigating the incident.

    See what she says on video here.

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