California Man Wins Big on Keno at DoylesCasino

Talk about picking the right numbers, this man sure did. Merry Christmas to him!!!

Keno player from Fremont, California wins $100,000 after all 10 of his Keno numbers are picked

Las Vegas, Nevada – December 15, 2009 – With a powerful name associated with it, has established itself as one of the most trustworthy online casino destinations around. Now, after a recent Keno win by one of its players, is positioning itself as one of the luckiest places for casino fans to play, too.

The online casino destination has just handed out $100,000 to Rushkat, an online casino player from Fremont, California, after a successful run playing Keno.

In Keno, 20 numbers are drawn randomly using the Random Number Generator. Keno players select up to 15 numbers from a total of 80. The goal of Keno is to predict which numbers will be drawn.

Among Rushkat’s chosen numbers were 47, 28, 31, 5, 52, 72, 40, 22, 34 and 75.

On this particular Keno game, hitting five numbers would have paid out one times the original bet. Six hits would have paid out 22 times the bet, seven hits would have paid out 150 times the bet and eight hits would have paid out 1000 times the bet.

At the keno tables, hitting nine numbers is an impressive feat, and at this particular Keno table, that would have paid out 5,000 times Rushkat’s bet. But on December 12th, lady luck had something bigger in mind.

After hitting all 10 of his selected numbers, Rushkat successfully hit the keno jackpot, winning 1,000 times the original bet of $1 for a $100,000 payday.

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Author: GamesAndCasino