• Bwin Betting On Czech Gamling Increasing

    16 May 2007


    Czech Business carried an interview with Bwin Interactive regarding the Czech government’s stance on online gaming and Bwin’s successful European operations. “Foreign online gambling companies are betting they’re onto a Czech business jackpot because government officials will never be able to stop their Internet activities run from abroad. Austria-based bwin Interactive Entertainment AG is one enterprise benefiting from laws that have only served to block competition from domestic entities. Company attorney Jindøich Rajchl teases that if Web-based betting was legalized here, bwin would be the first to apply for a license… “

    “Czechs gambled some Kč 3.5 billion (€ 124.04 million) through Bwin last year… The frustration generated by the situation–contrasting with that of the United States where public morality laws have largely kept out foreign online betting firms while allowing some American companies to do business–in March led the Office for Protection of Economic Competition (ÚOHS) to say it may challenge the state over the discrimination…”

    Bwin has run their Czech Web site since 2002 offering sports betting, poker, casino, java games, table tennis and golf options. Bwin is confident Czech Internet gambling law will remain subordinate to the European courts’ line on the issue.

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