• Boosted Italian Market Penetration for NYX Gaming

    08 January 2016


    One of the effects of the new era of regulation for online gambling in Europe is that business deals have become strategic for different reasons. Now companies have to try to maneuver to gain ground in individual markets because of how each country has their own form of regulation. Licenses in each country you want to operate inside of are now necessary, and it can be easier to buy a company that already has a license instead of applying for one yourself since it comes with a build-in base of established players.

    NYX Gaming Extends Their Reach

    NYX Gaming purchased the Game360 platform previously because they wanted to use it to gain a foothold in the Italian market. Now they've leveraged this platform into a deal with Betpoint, an Italian operator. This will allow NYX to put their games in front of tons of Italian players, and that's a big step in the country that will definitely improve the range of their reach.

    About the Game360 Platform

    What's important to realize is that once a software company purchases a platform like this, they can add all of their own games to it and have these games in front of tons of new players who were already using the platform. This is the case with Game360, and it's made even easier by the fact that the Game360 platform was originally designed to combine titles from multiple providers. This means that integrating the new titles is a straight-forward process, and it doesn't require any huge feats of programming wizardry. This means a faster release of existing titles and better support for future titles.

    NYX and the Expansion Strategy

    NYX has been working hard to expand, and we've seen this with a lot of new slots in the past year as well as strategic purchases and acquisitions like the Game360 platform. Overall, they seem to have maintained a steady amount of growth, and they definitely have a long-term view towards expansion. This is easy to see by the simple fact that they have been slowly but surely growing over the past few years, and they haven't let the new regulatory guidelines in different countries slow them down at all. If anything, they've used these changes to their advantage.

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