• Bodog reaches a resolution with 1st Technology, LLC and gets Bodog.com returned

    20 April 2009


    A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away…

    Err, wait, sorry…wrong opening.

    Way back when, in 2007, Bodog lost their domain name, bodog.com, in a patent infringement suit brought against them by 1st Technology, LLC. Since then, Bodog has changed domains twice; first with newbodog.com, and shortly thereafter, they moved again to the domain that they’re currently using, bodoglife.com.

    From what I understand, from the official press release, everything is hunky-dory between Bodog and 1st Technology, LLC, and it seems that that both sides are happy with this settlement.

    Currently, www.bodog.com is redirecting to www.bodoglife.com; so I’m not sure which one they’re going to use for marketing purposes and so forth.

    I definitely believe that Bodog is breathing a little easier now that this lawsuit has been settled…