• Beshear administration - It's not over yet.

    22 January 2009


    Online gamblers, poker players, bingo players, et all, have won the battle, but the war is still being fought.

    In less than 48 hours after a Kentucky Appellate Court ruled against Beshear, saying that an Internet Domain Name is not a “gambling device,” Gov. Steve Beshear’s cronies…err, Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, released a statement to the fact that they are going to take this matter to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

    J. Michael Brown, secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, was quoted as saying “The evidence demonstrated that illegal and unregulated activity is occurring in Kentucky, and that millions of dollars are being lost as a result of that activity, a fact that wasn’t disputed in Tuesday’s ruling.”

    But, the fact is, that millions of dollars are NOT being lost. Just because people gamble online with off-shore casinos or poker rooms doesn’t mean that they still won’t gamble at Mr. Beshear’s coveted race tracks within the state lines.

    ….or better yet, Kentuckians (or anyone else in the world..imagine that) can still bet on the ponies (legally, mind you!)  via Twin Spires’ website.

    But, hold on! TwinSpires.com is not listed as a defendant in the list of domains that are to be forfeited if Kentucky’s Supreme Court overturns the lower appellate court’s ruling.

    Mr. Beshear, I have a message for you:
    You cannot have your cake and eat it, too.

    For those of you that would like to phone (Or email) the Governor’s office of Kentucky and let them know how you feel about this whole mess, you can find their contact information at http://governor.ky.gov/contact/contact.htm. Please – if you decide to make your voice heard, be nice.

    Even if you’re not  a Kentucky resident, this potential ruling will affect the Internet as a whole. If the Kentucky Supreme Court overturns this decision, what’s to say that other states won’t follow suit? The only road this could take is a bad one. Do you want our country to start censoring the Internet like other Countries such as North Korea, Iran and China are already doing?


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