More and more Congressmen feel that the UIGEA that passed last year is against their rights to participate in certain forms of recreation, so they are joining in the fight as co-sponsors joining Barney Frank and his repeal against the UIGEA.

Congressman Adam B Schiff (CA-29) joined the list of co-sponors of Barney Frank’s Bill, which is to repeal the UIGEA by legalizing and regulating Internet Gambling. This brings the co-sponsors to a total of 35 so far.

While the UIGEA made it illegal to transfer money to and from offshore gambling , without actually defining what illegal gambling offshore really is. They are seeing more and more things wrong with the UIGEA law, the offshore gambling quotes is surely one.

The UIGEA violates the First Amendment right of the United States Constitution. Opponents agree that is American’s right to free speech and commercial association has been neglected by this law. They also feel that the law violates the Tenth Amendment, which is the states’ rights to regulate online gambling.

iMega which is Interactive Media Entertainment and Gambling Association, will be going to court on September 4th with their lawsuit for a restraining order to halt the enforcement of the UIGEA. iMega has appointed Alberto Gonzales, the Federal Reserve, DOJ and FTC as the defendants.

Groups such as Focus on Family (FOFA), and Morality in Media (MIM) are fighting to keep the regulations of the UIGEA and enforce them.

All Americans need to constantly contact your congress and senate members for your state to voice your opinion, it DOES work. Stand tall for your rights as Americans. We are the land of the FREE? And the home of the BRAVE!!!!

Author: GamesAndCasino