Barney Frank Gains more Co-Sponsors for his Internet Gambling Bill HR-2046

Congressman Barney Frank is still out there for the American people, by gaining sponsors to his proposed bill to bring back legalization of online gambling. His proposed bill will end the ban imposed last year on online gambling in the United States.

Barney Frank’s proposed bill, the HR-1046, to legalize, license, regulate and tax online gambling has gained another sponsor, Representative Don Young out of Alaska, to join 25 others at Frank’s side for a total of 27 at this time.

We believe that soon steps will be taken to inform legislators of the effects of the UIGEA and the circumstances of its outcome. It is the hope of many Americans, as well as the many thousands around the world, that Washington will adhere to the advice given.

We can only hope that more Representatives and Congressmen will step up to participate in the Barney Frank bill HR-1046 proposed just a couple months ago. But with all their individual agendas to attend to, it is hard to say at this point in time that they will hear the voices of the nationwide constituency that has spoken.

In order for Legislators to listen to the input given from individuals in the United States and around the world, they need to set aside, if for a moment, the UIGEA law from their minds. Much can come from the Barney Frank bill to help Washington get in on the action of online gambling in the U.S., should the bill be passed. Those that govern and make the laws need to see the light on this issue.

Author: GamesAndCasino