• No Action From the Online Gambling Industry

    22 December 2007


    No Action From the Online Gambling Industry

    We witnessed it this week.  European online gambling operators and their shareholders relied exclusively on the European Union to resolve the legal stranglehold placed over the industry by US lawmakers and the Justice Department.  They played their cards and busted.  By day’s end, anyone involved in Euro i-gaming was left with the notion that they will have no other choice but to squeeze each other for a piece of the very small pie that exists in Europe, where a number of nations there have taken a similar stance as the US government.  The Asian market remains a puzzle to break into.

    Gambling911.com was stunned when Edward Leyden of iMEGA.org, the only organization challenging the US on its own turf, stood up to take the podium during this past October’s i-Gaming Expo in Barcelona and nearly half the room of European online gambling executives stood up and left the room.  Perhaps they would have stayed if a representative from the EU were in Leyden’s place.

    Where was the EU representative?  This is a question we would all like to know. This makes one think “was this the plan all along?”

    “Apathy” is the main problem and it’s not exclusive to the European i-gaming firms.

    “After passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act last year we would have meetings every few weeks where hundreds of operators would show up,” said one Costa Rican-based operator, whose company still takes bets from Americans.  “It’s amazing how short-sighted this industry is.  They have no idea that unless everyone starts taking an active stand, the industry will be done.”

    I totally agree with this. Why as we Americans, do not stand up for our rights to spend our money, (which has already been taxed), to do with it as we wish. We, by doing nothing we are letting the Government tell us what we can and can’t do with our own money.  “WAKE UP” Americans, before we lose all our rights!!!

    “iMEGA is the only group challenging the UIGEA in a court of law,” said this operator, who wished not to be identified.  “We need an industry-wide support of this grass roots effort and it needs to be monetary.”  (learn more about www.iMEGA.org here)

    Another reason for this apathy has to do with individuals waiting around for a positive outcome with the World Trade Organization decision that found in favor of tiny Antigua and its online gambling dispute with the US. 

    We can’t depend solely on the WTO! We need to get people to STAND UP! Voice our opinions, and take our FREEDOM Back, before it is to late.

    Read this story in it’s entirety at http://www.gambling911.com/online-gambling-121907A.html

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