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Current Author Bios:

Kayleigh White

Thirty-something mother of three dogs who takes a great interest in world politics and gambling. Love being an aunt to 14 and a great-aunt to one, but it takes a lot of coffee to get me through the day!

Aleksandra Zolotic

Being a dedicated writer from more than seven years, Aleksandra does a great job in creating articles that are both catchy and equipped with plenty of useful information. Knowing that words are the strongest weapon, she carefully chooses each one of them. Although relatively new to the ever-growing gambling industry, she puts plenty of effort in keeping the readers well-informed on various aspects such as the latest news, hot promotions, fresh releases and so on.

Jesse Eddleman

Based in North Carolina, Jesse joined the content team in 2015. He knows the idustry well and mainly concentrates on idustry news articles and software reviews.

Nina Davidovic

Nina is one of our top content managers overseeing assignments, tasks and writing.

Anna Markovic

Short bio is coming soon.

Ava Jackuard

Ava is one of one of our top content managers and editors from the USA.


Short bio is coming soon.

Djordje Uzun-Mirkovic

Djordje could never relate to his occupational skill as a Mechanical Technician for computer programs and he has always been drawn rather to writing and other art forms like painting, drawing etc. He has lived in Belgrade his whole life and worked in all sorts of different fields of professions. That makes him believe that he would be a good content writer alongside his experience in gaming that he adores so. In March of 2019 he joined our team and is yearning to prove himself. In his spare time, he is either with his friends running up and down through town looking for mischief or at home listening to his favorite music pretending that he is the one making the crowd go wild. That doesn't sound that odd until you realize he is 29 years old and yet has fantasies of a 16-year-old child, but still, there is a charm that he possesses, and it is seeable!

Nikola Djordjevic

Nikola has been a part of the content team since 2019 and has since contributed industry news, slot reviews, and many different articles on the subject of gambling and igaming. While being new to writing about the gambling industry, he is not new to writing for an online audience as the pages and pages of his adolescent Livejournal entries will attest to. Nikola holds a degree in economics which he feels gives him a unique perspective which is quite useful for producing high-quality content about gambling.

Andrej Vidovic

Short bio is coming soon.

Kristina Vujadinovic

From an early age, Kristina was making her parents cry with the holiday cards and stories that she wrote to them. During her growing up, she wrote frequently, on any subject that piqued her interest. That is why she could never truly relate to her occupational skill as a graduated economist. The passion for the written word leads her on the different carrier path, into the exciting world of journalism. She worked for two years as the main editor of the Entertainment sector in an online magazine, and after that, she was the leading copywriter for one of the most famous website for nightlife in Belgrade. Kristina love to travel, but also to get to know new cultures and their languages. She speaks English, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic and has traveled all around the world. Kristina never hits the road without at least one book from her favorite author Stephen King.

Ksenija Soskic

Ksenija was born and raised in Belgrade and holds a Master’s degree in Literature and Language. She started her career as a content writer after years of teaching in Secondary School. As she is passionate about modern and innovative ways of learning, she started writing and mentoring online courses and so became a part of global online communication. She is now working on further exploring her writing skills and interests.

Uros Tanaskovic

Uros Tanaskovic, born on June 2nd 1993 showed a great interest in computers since he was young. He has a high school degree and is studying computer science. He had his own blog oriented toward e-sports where he wrote published many articles. He was also a part of a developer team, where he learned the importance of teamwork, but has individual skills as well.

Michael Shackleford

Michael, better known as Wizard of Odds in the casino gambling community, earned his spotless reputation as a one of a kind educator, consultant and analyst of game mechanics, inner workings and realistic odds of winning.

With a degree in mathematics from the University of California, Mr. Shackleford used his certified mathematical skills and talent to pursue the analysis of how exactly video poker, slots and table games work purely as a hobby. However, his natural affinities and success in the industry led him to make this line of work the main professional goal and career in 2001 after moving to Las Vegas, Nevada.

His passionate and detailed work of dismantling myths, studying and presenting factual information and spreading precious knowledge helped countless gambling aficionados across the globe to follow his teaching and advice to achieve better winning outcomes and enjoy the games to the fullest.

Mr. Shackleford started his own website Wizard of Odds, which was acquired by The LCB Network in 2014, he still writes and contributes to the website as well as a variety of their other sites such as Wizard of Vegas, GamesandCasino, and gives regular interviews and courses and provides detailed, professional breakdowns of the mechanics and odds of the games of chance and skill.

His approach has always been the one where players, whether seasoned or inexperienced, are advised to embark on gambling adventures with realistic expectations and long-term goals in mind, using Mike’s scientific breakdowns as a guide to follow in times of need and doubts. As a testament to Michael Shackleford’s expertise, he has received only accolades for his work and no detractors have ever come to dispute his teachings, leaving innumerable supporters across the globe turning to this man’s unique knowledge and willingness to help on a regular basis.


If you see this set as the author it means it could be any one of our talented and knowledgable content team.

Ivan Stefanovic

Ivan Stefanovic is a graduated software engineer and passionate website designer. Since he was a kid, his major interest was the overall gaming industry which started from the love of sports and his hobbies include traveling, football and tennis. Passion for articles and essay writing started in high school days. However, during the University days, he started freelancing and building websites for small businesses and besides designing he gained sales experience too. Ivan was part of several internships mostly in the gaming industry and IT security corporations and he puts the attention in exploring the iGaming industry and writing news and slot reviews. He became part of our team in July 2019 and he loves to investigate newly established partnership deals in the online casino industry and how that affects the industry overall, also he is watching closely new slot releases and studying them as well.

Past Author Bios:

Brian Pearson

Olivia Carmane

Joe Night

Kerry Pearson