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    Current content writers:

    Kayleigh White

    Thirty-something mother of three dogs who takes a great interest in world politics and gambling. Love being an aunt to 14 and a great-aunt to one, but it takes a lot of coffee to get me through the day!

    Aleksandra Zolotic

    Being a dedicated writer from more than seven years, Aleksandra does a great job in creating articles that are both catchy and equipped with plenty of useful information. Knowing that words are the strongest weapon, she carefully chooses each one of them. Although relatively new to the ever-growing gambling industry, she puts plenty of effort in keeping the readers well-informed on various aspects such as the latest news, hot promotions, fresh releases and so on.

    Jesse Eddleman

    Based in North Carolina, Jesse joined the content team in 2015. He knows the idustry well and mainly concentrates on idustry news articles and software reviews.

    Nina Davidovic

    Short bio is coming soon.

    Anna Markovic

    Short bio is coming soon.

    Ava Jackuard

    Short bio is coming soon.


    Short bio is coming soon.

    Djordje Uzun-Mirkovic

    Djordje could never relate to his occupational skill as a Mechanical Technician for computer programs and he has always been drawn rather to writing and other art forms like painting, drawing etc. He has lived in Belgrade his whole life and worked in all sorts of different fields of professions. That makes him believe that he would be a good content writer alongside his experience in gaming that he adores so. In March of 2019 he joined our team and is yearning to prove himself. In his spare time, he is either with his friends running up and down through town looking for mischief or at home listening to his favorite music pretending that he is the one making the crowd go wild. That doesn't sound that odd until you realize he is 29 years old and yet has fantasies of a 16-year-old child, but still, there is a charm that he possesses, and it is seeable!

    Kristina Vujadinovic

    Short bio is coming soon.

    Past content writers:

    Brian Pearson

    • Over 8 years of gambling experience.
    • Favorite game: Blackjack
    • Currently concentrating on: Making the WSOP.

    Olivia Carmane

    • Bio: Over 5 years of gambling experience.
    • Favorite game: Slots
    • Currently concentrating on: winning a slot jackpot.

    Joe Night

    • Bio:Over 2 years of gambling experience
    • Favorite game: Poker
    • Currently concentrating on: Texas Hold’em poker.

    Kerry Pearson

    • Bio: Over 3 years of gambling experience
    • Favorite game: Craps
    • Currently concentrating on: staying away from the hard ways.