• 12 Million Mistreated Internet Gamblers To Vote This Fall

    10 October 2006


    DAILY KOS (www.dailykos.com)
    by prouddemocrat
    Sat Oct 07, 2006 at 02:37:49 PM PDT

    The 12 million Internet gamblers in the U.S. will not be happy that their Senators never had a fair chance to consider an anti-Internet gambling bill in open debate. The ban was enacted by attaching it to an unrelated Senate bill late at night before a recess. For those of us who are not Internet gamblers, the midnight massacre of the igamblers as a sacrificial offering to the religious right raises more troublesome issues as to how Republican leaders are running Congress. It’s Internet gambling today. What will it be tomorrow?

    As the Fall Congressional elections near, voters need to think about whether the party in power is the right party at the right time when it sneaks laws like this through the Senate without a real debate. And America’s 12 million Internet poker players and other Internet gamblers must know that if they don’t send a message from the voting booth to Congress now, it may be quite some time before they can hope to see the real debate that they deserve over their banishment.


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