• Weekly Fantasy Football

    Get a load of all the football action that goes on during each week of the season. You can play against hundreds of fantasy football buffs like yourself, all trying for the big prize in this week long game.

    This is a great contest option if one or more of the following applies to you:

    • You’re just testing the Fantasy Football turf.
    • You happened to sleep through your draft.
    • You want a new team and a new chance to win every week.
    • Having one Fantasy Football team just isn’t enough.
    • You want more than opportunity to win prizes.
    • You love the thrill of the chase – especially when you can relive it over and over for 17 adrenaline-packed weeks.

    Object: To outscore your opponents in terms of touchdowns, yardage and defensive plays on a week-by-week basis. The object is to get the most points for your chosen team or teams. To see the exact scoring system, check their site for details.

    Cost: Entry fee per team is usually around $20. Sign up today. See thier site for seasonal costs.

    Prizes: The winner of each week will take home $100 in cash or prizes. The prizes may change during each upcoming football season.

    Entry Deadline: Entries for the weekly contest can be submitted at anytime during the season, but the teams must be registered by the trading deadline (30 minutes before game-time) in order for the players to be eligible to score points.

    Keeping track of the stats in the weekly football games may be just has hard as the full season game, but in the weekly competitions you can change your team for a better advantage. Just beware though, because every other player may be making the same choices.