• Season Long Fantasy Football

    When you’re a die-hard football fan; you like to keep up with all the stats of your local team and most or all of the others too, you have reached the right place for a long term fantasy football game or season long football.

    We know there are a lot of Fantasy Football contests out there. Here’s what makes this one the most exciting:

    • One of the largest winners’ circles on the web. Whether you are crowned a league champion, a State Champion, or Fantasy Football Champion, hundreds of dollars in prizes awaits you.
    • Live scoring and leader boards. Know your points and stats the minute they happen. Because trash talk is so much sweeter when you’ve got the heat of the moment to fuel your fire.
    • Compete against a mascot for a chance to gain more bargaining power for players.
    • The Mulligan. Have a bum game? It happens. And it just so happens that your single lowest weekly score is dropped from your Fantasy Football points tally. Redemption!
    • Salary cap. This game levels the playing field. Each player has a price; use your skill (and lucky disposition) to select your players based on their experience and their potential. Keep in mind, there is an added bonus if you pick someone who outperforms Fantasy Football expectations!
    • Vegas, baby! The top eight scorers will head to Vegas to compete for the $30,000 price.

    Object: To outscore your opponents in terms of touchdowns, defensive plays, and yardage throughout the 17-week football season. At the bare minimum, your goal is to get the most points in your chosen league or leagues. To see the exact scoring system, check their site for details.

    Cost: Entry fee per seasonal team may be around $20. Sign up today. See their site for prices.

    Prizes: Cash, prizes, plaques – you name it, this contest has it. Monetary prizes run the gamut of $50 to $30,000. And the bragging rights are priceless. The prizes may change for each upcoming football season.

    Entry Deadline: You must join before the trading deadline for Week 2 (30 minutes before the start of the first game of the week). All of those who sign up after Week 1 will use their Mulligan for Week 1.

    Grab the remote, turn on your favorite football channel and keep track of your chosen team, because before you know it the season will be at an end. You know where you want to be, in the lead with your online fantasy football game!