Conference Mayhem

Conference Mayhem

Conference Mayhem is a game that is played during the college basketball conference tournaments by RotoPlay. In this contest you will put your hoops knowledge to the test by finding the best college team in the conference to gain the most RotoPlay points.

Object: Select one team from each of the conference tournaments listed. If each team you pick reaches the semi-final round of their tournament, they will accumulate RotoPlay points. Accumulate more points than your competitors during the contest to win the Grand Prize.

Cost: Entry Fee and an entry fee for each additional entry. Buy 4 entries and get the 5th free.

Prizes: $1,000 Grand Prize. Additional prizes are awarded for 2nd – 15th places.

Method of Play: On the Internet, phone and postal mail. The maximum amount of players for this contest is 500.

Entry Deadline: Near the first of March. Check below periodically for the entry deadline status.

Status: Contest begins near the first part of March. More information on this contest at RotoPlay.

Test your knowledge and skills within the fantasy basketball leagues during the NBA and NCAAB seasons towards receiving cash rewards while playing Fantasy Basketball at RotoPlay.