Basketball Face Off

Basketball Face Off

The Fantasy Basketball Face Off game is a head-to-head contest that gives you a 50% chance of winning a basketball game brought to you by RotoPlay. Play with a friend or automatically be paired with a RotoPlay member in an exciting and unique fantasy basketball face off.

Object: Draft 1 NBA player from each of the 7 groups presented. Build a team utilizing your fantasy GM skills to accumulate the most points. Score more points than your opponent to win.

Cost: Entry fee per entry. (Maximum of 5 entries per registered member per contest)

Prizes: Face Off Winner will receive $45.00. Face Off Loser will receive $0.00.

Method of Play: On the Internet, phone and postal mail.

Entry Deadline: You must complete your selection of one player from each of the groups presented, prior to 7:00 PM EST of each contest. Check below periodically for the entry deadline status.

Status: The Basketball season begins near the end of October. More information on this contest at RotoPlay.

Test your knowledge and skills within the fantasy basketball leagues during the NBA and NCAAB seasons towards receiving cash rewards while playing Fantasy Basketball at RotoPlay.