Baseball Bonanza Bonus

Baseball Bonanza Bonus

The Baseball Bonanza Bonus game is where players are used instead of numbers, like a numbered-style lottery, by RotoPlay. Great prizes are awarded for correctly selecting 4, 5 or 6 (in any order) of the players who finish among the top six for each contest. Any participant, who correctly selects the top 6 players in order, will win the Grand Prize.

Object: Select the six players, out of the 54 pre-selected MLB players by RotoPlay, who you feel will be the top scoring performers for the contest.

Cost: Free. This allows you one entry submission per contest during the entire MLB season. NOTE: RotoPlay will offer three contests each week during the regular season as shown in the ‘Entry Deadline’ section below.

Prizes: Grand Prize, 6 of 6 correct picks in exact order, $100,000. Additional prizes are also awarded to the correct picks in 4 of 6, 5 of 6 and 6 of 6 in any order.

Method of Play: On the Internet, phone and postal mail.

Entry Deadline: 1 PM EST, every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday in the months of April, May, June, July, August and September. Check below periodically for the entry deadline status.

Status: The contest is played during the months shown above. More information on this contest at RotoPlay.

Get into the latest online fantasy baseball action by using your baseball knowledge and skills in a competition for a grand prize, by playing in one of the Fantasy Baseball games at RotoPlay.