Fantasy Golf

Play one of the six Fantasy Golf Challenge competitions during the PGA golf season from April to September brought to you by RotoPlay.

Fantasy Golf Challenge is a unique golf contest that is played during the PGA tour that lasts 4 days. All you have to do is select the team that you think will get the lowest golf scores and get lower scores than your competitors by the end of the contest, to win the Grand Prize at RotoPlay.

Object: Select or draft one PGA player from each of the groups presented that you think will get the lowest golf scores. Posts lower scores than your competitors, and gain the most RotoPlay points by the end of the 4 day contest, to win the Grand Prize.

Cost: Entry fee and an entry fee for each additional entry. Buy 4 entries and get the 5th entry free.

Prizes: Grand Prize is $500. Additional prizes are awarded to 2nd – 10th places.

Method of Play: On the Internet, phone and postal mail. Only 200 entries allowed per contest, and if entries exceed 200, the contest will be split with separate prize pools.

Entry Deadline: Before the beginning of one of these PGA Tours, found on the Web site:

Status: Contests run for 4 days during the PGA Tours. Find out more about this contest at RotoPlay.