Fantasy Nascar

In Fantasy Nascar there is Nascar Challenge where you can enjoy each racing weekend by following your favorite drivers. Accumulate the most RotoPlay points by utilizing your team’s fantasy GM skills with non-stop speed and Fantasy Nascar thrills towards winning the Grand Prize.

Object: Your job is to choose one Nascar driver from each of the groups presented, totaling 12 drivers on your fantasy Nascar team, plus a “Lucky 13th driver”. Each of your selected drivers will accumulate RotoPlay points, and your goal is to accumulate the most RotoPlay points during the contest to win the Grand Prize.

Cost: Entry fee and an entry fee for each additional entry. Purchase 4 entries and get the 5th entry free.

Prizes: Grand Prize is $1,000. Additional prizes are awarded for 2nd – 15th places.

Method of Play: On the Internet, phone and postal mail. More information on this Contest, click the banner below.

Entry Deadline: Prior to 12:00 PM EST on the day a new contest starts. The NASCAR racing season starts near the 10th of February.

Status: Contest starts near mid-February and will include anywhere from 5 to 12 races, depending on the Nascar schedule throughout the year, at RotoPlay.