Neteller Customer Coalition Deals With Third Continuance In Neteller Court Case 

March 18, 2007 - The third postponement in the court date for Neteller founders John Lefebvre and Stephen Lawrence does not sit well with members of Neteller Customer Coalition. The Coalition was formed in February after the founders’ arrests and the resulting pull-out of Neteller from the US market. For reasons unknown, Neteller also froze all US accounts and denied account holders access to their funds. The members of the Neteller Customer Coalition want their money back.

Questions concerning who in fact is holding the money and how much has never really been clarified by either Neteller or the US Department of Justice. Information is almost non-existent with both Neteller and the US DOJ refusing to shed any light on the subject. When the news first broke, the FBI announced $55 million was being held as evidence. It’s assumed this is money that was ‘in transit’ either to or from Neteller accounts at the time of the arrests. However, the locked accounts at Neteller contain hundreds of thousands of dollars. A member of the Coalition stated "My guess is that there is at least $150 million stuck at Neteller, and maybe double that.” and “That’s in addition to the $55 million seized by the DOJ”.

The Neteller Customer Coalition has organized under Yahoo! Groups at . The home page states “This site is designed to organize all US and other members that have money tied up in Neteller. We are actively pursuing all avenues that will get our money released -- going after Neteller, the government, the media, etc.”

When you access the database for dollar amounts held by Neteller, the amounts posted by Coalition members is staggering. The amounts range from $17 to $400,000 totaling over $2.5 million. “And there’s still thousands of other Neteller customers who don’t know about us” said Coalition founder Eric Goldstein.

Today the Neteller Customer Coalition issued a press release stating “The Neteller Customer Coalition has contacted an international law firm last Friday, March 16, following another continuance in the case against Neteller’s two founders, Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre.” “The decision to delay the case yet again is very disappointing,” says Eric the group’s founder. “We’re forced to take the next step.

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