Things Are Looking Up for Online Gamblers In US

March 13, 2007 - The European Court of Justice, Europe’s highest court, ruled this week that Italy can’t stop bookmakers from other countries from operating in that country. ( European Court Ruling Welcomed By Online Gaming In Europe )

Italy was using their legal system to protect their own state run gambling model and keep it as a monopoly. Both France and Germany have national gambling monopolies as well and have threatened online gaming operators with criminal prosecution to keep their state run gambling monopolies safe. This ruling basically opened the doors for cross border trade.

This is a huge victory for the online gaming public in Europe. Breaking news in the US - Congressman Barney Frank has decided to initiate proceedings in the near future to have the UIGEA repealed.( Barney Frank Works On Legislation To Repeal UIGEA ). These actions combined with the actions taken by the little island of Antigua who is fighting the US stance on online gambling and the WTO's ruling in their favor and things are definitely looking up for Americans.

Staff Writer