Neteller Co-Founders Date With DOJ Recheduled For May 16, 2007

BREAKING NEWS - April 17, 2007 John Lefebvre and Stephen Lawrence, co-founders of Neteller and reluctant guests of the state of New York for the last 3 months have agreed to yet another continuance with the US DOJ. Judge Moss granted the continuance in the interests of Justice and the case has been rescheduled for May 16, 2007.

Lefebvre and Lawrence were arrested on January 15, 2007 (Founders Of Neteller Arrested On Both Coasts Of U.S.) "in connection with the creation and operation of an internet payment services company that facilitated the transfer of billions of dollars of illegal gambling proceeds from United States citizens to the owners of various internet gambling companies located overseas." Lefebvre and Lawrence established Neteller in 1999. Both are charged with conspiring to transfer funds with the intent to promote illegal gambling. If convicted, they face a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment. (Neteller Founders Charged With Money Laundering)

The May 16th continuance is the 4th granted in this case. Peter Neiman, lawyer for Lawrence, did return my call and while he was very cordial and gave instruction on how to find court status, he would not make any comments at this time.

Staff Writer