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    Roulette Crystal is as clear, crisp, and classy as it sounds, with a single Zero, it's a European online roulette game with Top Game software spinning the wheel.

    Playing Roulette Crystal online, you’re in for a European Roulette adventure, as smooth and quick as it can be played.

    You’ll get to know the dealer as she announces the winning numbers and politely informs of you when bets are no longer being accepted.

    Roulette Crystal online wagering.

    Has game chip sizes that range from 1 to 100, with a max bet of 100. You can place multiple chips on the betting board or table, and stack multiple chips on top of each other if you so choose.

    I didn’t find the repetition of Roulette Crystal to be annoying and was impressed at how calm the table was, and here are a few things I found helpful when playing:

    • You can place your bet almost anywhere on the table.
    • You can Split your bet to your liking.
    • To highlight an entire row; hover your mouse cursor (arrow) over the line between the left-most number, the line between the numbers, and the “Passe”, “Pair”, and red or black betting areas.

    Your possible bet selections in Roulette Crystal will light up as your hover your cursor over them, so you know exactly what you are about to bet before you drop your chips.

    Your Roulette Crystal online game bet verses win counters in the lower right hand corner, similar to where they would be if you are used to looking at a the slots payout.

    Roulette Crystal Winning Number and History Table.

    Your Electronic Roulette bet verses win counters is a bit hard to find. You’ll need to look at the upper left corner of your electronic table for the yellow “Bet” section; look to the upper right for the yellow “Win” section.

    Roulette Crystal ball history is located to the left of the table.

    Special Roulette Crystal Bets.

    Select the “Special Bets” button if you want to spice up your number selection. All the choices are in French, but don’t despair—the number selections will light up as you pull your mouse over the choices.

    Play Roulette Crystal for yourself; from a background of upholstered chairs and a glass of bourbon, with Top Game roulette, you can expect nothing less than elegance.