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    Keno is a relaxing way to spend a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, as a nice diversion from Top Game's slots, and with up to 10,000 coins to win! Who could blame you for not trying online Keno?

    Top Game's online Keno wagering; the bet values range from $.05 to $5.00 for each Keno game played.

    Top Game Keno Payouts, in multipliers:

    • With a 5 number selection: .5 for 1 match to 50 for 5 matches.
    • With a 10 number selection: .5 for 2 matches to 1800 for 10 matches.
    • With a 15 number selection: .5 for 3 matches to 10,000 for 15 matches.

    Select your specific online Keno winning numbers from 1 to 15 or have the game generate 15 random ones for you. If you really want to shift to auto-pilot, you have the option to auto-play up to 20 races, and the play goes much faster this way.

    Play Keno online to take a break from Top Game’s wild assortment of slots and other games, and settle in for a quiet afternoon, or at least some pleasant multi-tasking.


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