• Microgaming Online Casino Craps

    Microgaming Online Craps

    Microgaming is arguably the largest online gaming software platform on the planet where players can play online craps, with over 400 total games, 120 casinos, and 40 poker rooms.
    Microgaming casinos are also one of the oldest, with over 15 years of internet gaming experience. Games, like its Vegas Craps, are available via Flash and the Download, and are therefore accessible from a PC or Mac.

    Microgaming software is not, however, accessible to players from the United States. That being said, the only Craps game it currently offers is Vegas Craps.

    Microgaming Craps online wagering features a very high bet limit, with a $1000 maximum table limit, so it can accommodate even the most extravagant high roller. Chips come in a variety of sizes between 1 and 200 credits, and you’ll be limited to 200 credits for each individual bet.
    Microgaming casinos typically have a high table bet maximum, so you needn’t worry about having your style cramped if Lady Luck has been blowing on your dice.

    Microgaming Craps Features

    While the game of Craps can be confusing at first, Microgaming has provided several tools to take the madness out of this mysterious game. If you need are new to Craps, make sure to visit our Craps tutorials before you play. The Microgaming Craps game itself is pretty cut and dried, yet there are some key features that set this version of Craps apart.

    • Game Statistics: Here you can check out a breakdown of the play—during the current session only—from roll results, dice values, dice totals, and more.
    • To customize your playing experience, find the “Gear” button next to your chip size. You’ll have the ability to customize what, if any, sounds you hear as well as what types of bets you like to see. For instance, you can identify whether or not you’d like to have win bets, buy bets, hardway bets, etc.
    • The result of the roll is always showcased in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • Animations are simple, but they are quick and smooth.

    Microgaming Craps Odds

    • You may notice a slightly different lay of the land on a Microgaming Craps table, but nothing you can’t handle.
    • “Win” bets are place bets to win, and they operate like regular place bets.
    • “Lose” bets, or place bets to lose, pay out a little differently and each number lists its own odds.
    • The Field features a 2:1 bet on the 2 and a 3:1 bet on the 12.