• Cryptologic Craps

    Cryptologic Online Craps

    Everyone will tell you Craps is a very intimidating game-even (and perhaps especially) when you don’t have a large, cheering crowd gathered.

    The great thing about playing Craps online is the ability to play for free while you’re still learning the ropes-so take advantage of our Craps tutorials and recommended casinos!

    Cryptologic, for one, offers both free and real money Craps, and it has the graphics, the features, and conventional Craps rules to get you started in style.

    Minimum bet is $5. Each bet is limited to $100, and each casino determines the table maximum. Chip sizes are $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500.

    Cryptologic has been providing online entertainment since 1995 (not that long ago for some of us, and for others it was a bored year in grade school. Sigh). Known for their affiliations with highly recognized brands like Call of Duty and Spiderman, Cryptologic is an accessible casino software platform-from download to instant play, PC to Mac, Europe to the United States.

    Cryptologic Craps Features.

    The Cryptologic Craps game has more customizable features than many other casino software platforms on the Internet; however these features affect your casino experience as a whole, and not your Cryptologic Craps experience in particular:

    • Avatar: More than just a blockbuster movie, your Cryptologic Avatar is the face you give your player as you play your games and move about the interactive lobby. You can change your image at any time, depending on which personality you’d like to cater to at the moment.
    • You can adjust your casino or game window to be of the “normal” setting or full screen.
    • Animations, sound effects, and voices can all be switched on or off at your preference.
    • If you tend to lose track of time when playing Craps, you can even set a limit to how long you play.
    • If you want a serious part of the action, you can actually play the roll of the shooter in Cryptologic Craps
    • A history of the last five throws will be in the upper left-hand corner of the screen (you can minimize this if you don’t care).
    • Next to the “History” box, there is a section that records how much you won or lost during the last roll, as well as what you are betting.
    • The lower right-hand portion of the screen is dedicated to your current balance, your current bet, and the different chips sizes available.

    Cryptologic Craps Odds.

    Proposition bets are fairly standard:

    • If playing the Field, you’ll notice that both the 2 and the 12 pay double.
    • Cryptologic offers a “Free Odds” bet on the Pass Line after the point has been established, which reduces the house edge just a bit. The “house” is willing to give a bit on the edge in the hopes you’ll increase your wager. And lose. This is also called a supplemental bet.

    Cryptologic brings its well-known features to a well-known game, and the result is an entertaining blend of fun, suspense, and competition.Don't let the game intimidate you.  Learn the rules, the names of the different combination bets and above all, become familiar with the odds associated with those bets. Visit a Cryptologic Casino and play Craps today.