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    Casino War using Top Game software, with wins paying one-to-one odds and ties pay ten-to-one, pits players against the Dealer for a classic match-up card game of “mine's bigger than yours.”

    Online Casino War is a popular game as simple as it is fun to play. This review is about the online Casino War card game powered by Top Game.

    Top Game introduced Casino War as a new addition to its Specialty Games line-up in August, 2011.

    Wagering in online Casino War by Top Game is fairly straight forward; the minimum bet is $1.00 and maximum table bet is $100.00, with a range of bets in between.

    How to Play Casino War Online with Top Game Software.

    If you’re wondering how to play Casino War online, it’s just like the high-low game you probably played as a child. It’s just you playing against the dealer, drawing one card at a time and the higher card wins.

    Suits are irrelevant and aces are the high cards:

    • Select the amount of your initial wager and place it in the Ante circle.
    • If you’d like to place an additional “Tie” side wager, you may also do so.
    • When the player beats the dealer, he or she is paid out at 1:1.
    • When the player ties the dealer, he or she is paid out at 10:1.
    • When the player loses to the Dealer, he or she forfeits the bet/s.

    In the event of a Tie, the player can retreat from the game by forfeiting half of the ante bet or the player can go to war, which requires an additional wager equal to the original bet.

    Wins are still paid at 1:1. If the player placed a Tie wager on that round, it will be paid out at 10:1, separately from the turnout of the game.

    The Casino War game is played online with six combined decks using Top Game software.
    Play it today and see how you do in the heat of battle!


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