• Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy and Rules

    Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy.

    A very basic strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker is:

    • You should fold if your hand holds less than and Ace-King.
    • You should raise if you hold a pair or higher.
    • You should raise if your hand has an Ace-King and if one of your other cards matches the dealers.
    • You should raise if you hold Ace-King and of the three remaining cards one card is Jack or better, one card is 8 or better and one card is 3 or better. Do not average the value of the cards, the cards must meet the values on their own.

    Caribbean Stud Poker Rules.

    Caribbean Stud Poker is a 5-card poker game played with a single deck of 52 cards. There are no wild cards and you are playing against the dealer.

    The basic rules of Caribbean Stud Poker are:

    • Ante and side bet (for Progressive Jackpot) is placed. Side bet is not required and plays for Jackpot only.
    • Player is dealt 5 cards and Dealer is dealt 5 cards with one card face down.
    • Fold or Raise. Folding forfeits all bets. Raises are double the ante.
    • Dealer hand must qualify by holding an Ace and King.
    • If Dealer hand does not qualify, Player wins even money on ante and raise will push.
    • If Dealer qualifies and beats Player, Dealer wins ante and raise.
    • If Dealer qualifies and loses to Player, ante pays even money the raise is paid according to pay table.
    • If a tie, both ante and raise is a push.

    Caribbean Stud Poker Payout.

    Hand Name


    Royal Flush


    Straight Flush


    4 of a Kind


    Full House






    3 of a Kind


    Two Pair


    One Pair


    High Card


    The Progressive side bet is not played against the dealer. It's a side bet placed at the beginning of the hand and pays out only on 5 winning combinations. These hands and the payouts are:

    Hand Rank


    Royal Flush


    Straight Flush


    Four of a Kind


    Full House




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