Vegas Technology Progressive Blackjack

Vegas Technology Progressive Blackjack

When it comes to Vegas Technology’s Progressive Blackjack, the Aces have it. And if you have Aces, you have a shot at a Progressive Jackpot. And that’s what I call symmetry-if only it wasn’t easier said than done.

Online blackjack is like an old friend-it’s entertaining, dependable, and probably owes you a drink and 20 bucks. There are occasions, and we’ve all had them, when it’s time to take a friendship to another level, be it for the love of the game or the love of the moment.

And that’s where Progressive Blackjack comes in. It’s the “friends with benefits” of the online blackjack arena.

If you’ve played your share of the blackjack field, you know about table betting limits and restrictions. In fact, most of the casinos we mention below have limits around $200-which is completely reasonable and, in turn, can provide a reasonable return on your bet.

However, if you’re looking for a unreasonable return-say hundreds of thousands of dollars for your $5 chip-all you need to do is stake an additional dollar in this Progressive Blackjack game. And pray like mad.

Below is the breakout of Vegas Technology’s Progressive Blackjack payout:

In Vegas Technology’s Progressive Blackjack game, all progressive bets are an additional $1.00. The amounts of the progressive jackpot will vary with every casino, but are normally in the “I could buy a house with this” range.

As always, please refer to the casino’s help resources (live chat, help links, etc) for more specific rules, instructions, and payout information.