Vegas Technology Classic Blackjack

Vegas Technology Classic Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, gambling game in the world. It’s played in nearly every country in the world, with almost as many variations. In its most basic form, however, blackjack is still all about getting “21”-or at least squeak out a win by beating the Dealer’s total.

Vegas Technology offers this classic blackjack game free of any side bets or deviations to splitting or doubling. It’s just blackjack, pure and sweet.

You can play blackjack any number of ways, and online blackjack players can typically be divided into two categories: ones who play for fun, and ones who play to win. The “fun” players dabble into strategy and may, on occasion, try out a split or a double.

For the most part, though, they stick to the Dealer’s code: hit on 16, stand on 17. These online blackjack players are happy just to be playing the game.

On the other hand, the players who come to win recognize it’s not enough just to get a blackjack or to beat the dealer. They came to win-and win big-by using the cards they are dealt and milking them of their highest potential.

These online blackjack players will split with every opportunity, they’ll double when they feel lucky, and they’ll double their split when the stars align and they can’t resist the urge. When they win, they win big. And when they lose, it’s best just to leave the room.

Vegas Technology realizes these two types of players exist, and for that reason provides all players with the chance to play for free or play with real money.

The classic online blackjack game is featured in several of the online casinos we recommend from Vegas Technology, including Golden Casino, Silver Dollar Casino, and Online Vegas casino. Try it out today and find out just what kind of player you really are.